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Hey! Doodle Sundae here! We just took our finals for Nursing Informatics (NI), and now it is time to say goodbye to our beloved subject D:. We have learned A LOT OF STUFF these past 5 months. Seriously. We can never look at computers the same way again. Our perspectives on the development and the utilization of technology has now changed, thanks to our wonderful professors, Mr. Cyril Amoin, RN, MN (who just obtained his Masters degree, don't forget to congratulate him - Congrats, Sir!!! :D), and Mr. Perry Peralta (whose technical knowledge is certainly unparalleled - we'll miss you, Sir!). They have inspired us to LOOK AT COMPUTERS DIFFERENTLY, 'coz computers are not just for DotA, Facebook-ing, or tweeting, FYI...they're also for important stuff like data storage and processing. 

And you'd think that the "Nursing" in "Nursing Informatics" is just an accessory ('coz we certainly did), but it REALLY IS NOT! Nursing and informatics are SO RELATED. Really. Nursing could have been dead if its practitioners did not adapt to technology. 

Yes, that's how important technology is to nursing. This semester, we've made full use of the computer's features, especially Microsoft Office 2007 (which rocks, by the way). We tinkered with MS Word AND made pictures move around in MS PowerPoint. Cool, right? However, our fondest memories will always remain with MS Excel...Yes, the formidable MS Excel which we conquered!!! Well, sort of. 

We mentioned that "Nursing" in "Nursing Informatics" is not just an accessory, but an integral part, right? It's actually true. We actually made use of NURSING CONCEPTS in MS Excel! Impossible? We thought so too! But our professors certainly did not! We used SNLs (Standardized Nursing Languages, not Saturday Night Live!) in making Nursing Care Plans!!! In MS Excel!!! Those rectangles aren't just for numbers anymore, y'know? We made use of NANDA-I, NIC, NOC, Omaha System, ICNP, and CCC in making 4 NCPS! Four!!!

How's that for impossible? We've now become nursing linguists! All these languages in just a few week's time! It can't get any better than that!!! 

And let's not forget the individual pathophysiology assignment with the corresponding anatomy and physiology of the affected body systems, plus a pamphlet regarding the assigned disease. Those certainly made us SMARTER!!! And made us ready to face the intimidating task of making pathophysiologies in case studies, too!!! And when you think about it, Nursing Informatics has taught us how to make most essential parts of a case study, like the anatomy and physiology, the disease course, and the nursing care plan! And since we've already learned history and assessment years before, we can now accomplish our own case studies!!! By ourselves!!! Woohoo!!! Grand case study, we're ready for you!!! XD

Wow...we've accomplished so much in this subject! But we never thought about it a lot during the semester, 'coz these five months seemed like a blur. Like everything went by so fast! Like really!!! Plus, we had other subjects to deal with. It's kinda sad that we've realized the significance of NI only just now, but better late than never, right? Anyway, the real essence of NI is in its application to the nursing practice, which we hope we'll be able to do in the very near future....

This semester has been fondly called "hell semester", and rightfully so, with five major subjects plus a minor one, and RLE to boot...Having been through the depths of "hell", there's nowhere else to go but up! Right? RIGHT!!! We have successfully fought the good fight, finished the race, and kept the faith. We certainly, surely,DEFINITELY have become better people (and better nurses) after what we've been through. 

And we can now safely say "SUMMER, HERE WE COME!!!"


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