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Origin of Doodle Sundae

Doodle Sundae was born because of a group's need to pass Nursing Informatics, the greatest subject ever. Four people with different personalities and abilities joined together to form this great team and produce this website. 

Why doodle sundae?
Because the name "infomaniacs" was not available in weebly.
And "sexual tigers" sounded too R-18.
So did "delicious dragons".

What does doodle sundae mean?
According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a doodle is an aimless or casual scribble, design, or sketch, while a sundae is an ice cream served with topping (as crushed fruit, syrup, nuts, or whipped cream). 

Why combine two unrelated terms then?
Because that's the way we roll.
Just kidding. There actually is a rational explanation for choosing this group name.
Data are useless if they stand alone and remain uninterpreted. They need to be processed and arranged to form a meaningful output - information. 
Doodles are random things drawn or scribbled or doodled, just like data. But when combined, they form unique and eye-catching artworks. 
A sundae is a combination of ingredients, milk, cream, sugar, salt (yes, there is salt in ice cream), syrups, toppings and more. It is the product of different processes - mixing, cooking, and freezing.
Do you now see the connection?

But why sundae, or food for that matter? Can't it be something related to informatics or nursing?
Who doesn't love sundaes, or food?

    We hope to hear from you!

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